A new ghost shrimp named after Indian scientist

Ghost Shrimp 3011Kuwait (ISJ) - A news species of shrimp has been named after an Indian scientist, who spotted it along the cost of Kuwait. The Ghost Shrimps are inhabitants of shallow coastal sandy or muddy areas and are even found in deep sea. The new shrimp was found by Nithyanandan Manickam, a Marine Scientist working with a coastal developmental project in Kuwait.

The specimen was identified by Dr Katsushi Sakai, of Shikoku Univeristy in Japan- a global authority on Ghost Shrimp Taxonomy. Dr. Sakai has validated it as a new family of Ghost Shrimp to marine science. So far only three living families of Ghost Shrimps are known and the latest is the fourth with a species named after the scientist ?Kuwaitupogebia nithyanandan? who collected it.

The shrimp was collected in 2014 in the manmade lagoons of Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City, Kuwait by Nithyanandan and his team.

Ghost Shrimp Nithyanandan 3011?Initially the shrimp was sent to Dr. David Jones, our consultant in Spain for examination. He sent it to Dr. Katsushi Sakai, Ghost Shrimp expert, for identification,? Nithyanandan told Indian Science Journal. ?Sakai has validated it as a new family of Ghost Shrimps to Science, so far only three living families of Ghost Shrimps are known to the scientific world and we have added the fourth one. It was Dr. Sakai and his colleagues, who decided to name it after me and give credit for collecting the specimen from Kuwait.

Ghost Shrimps lives in small burrows compared to common shrimps, which buries itself in the substratum. It has huge claws and are also known as ?Mud Lobsters?. Their burrows are well and forms an important fossil record. The newly discovered ghost shrimp from Kuwait is deposited at the Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt, Germany to be available for the examination of future workers.

M. Nithyanandan, who hails from Chennai, had his studies in Industrial Fisheries and Oceanography and Coastal Area Studies from Tamil Nadu and is currently employed with Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City in Kuwait.

-N.B. Nair

Image courtesy: Google Wikipedia (Shrimp image shown is representational only)

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