Birth of a dream


Today is a green-lettered day in my life?I would not call it golden-lettered, as it is all about a new synergy encompassing energies of nature, change and transformation as also ability to sustain changes.

The revamped platform of my dream project is on the public domain from today, though it is still far from complete?there is lot to be improved upon. I have been working on it for over one and a half years to its progress, minus a gap of 10 months, during my sabbatical to the ?Gods own Country?.
The field of operation was never open?the incubation started in 1996 after a chance encounter with then Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam during a trip to Rajasthan deserts for the first field trials of the infamous ?Arjun? Tanks. It took almost 15 years for me to think about my dream, as I did not muster enough courage to shape it up, without the required cushion.
A definite blue-print emerged only after the second great Indian recession in 2011?by then, I had the time, space and format in mind. I had also started feeling let down after almost 25 years by the profession of my choice, which had its foundation on certain principles.
The first step to the realization of my dream was an identity to it and after a few days of thought-condensation, I arrived at the title - ?Indian Science Journal?. This was a field I have chosen to work. I noticed, science and technology never grabbed time and space in media, except on ground-breaking developments or for the pet theme of media ? sensationalism or controversies.
I found, tens of hundreds of people working in laboratories, fields securing our lives. They are not in the hot chase for catapulting career graph or big pay packets. A passion for innovation ? innovation in science, technology drives them. Their works do not make it to the print space or air time of India?s media and I vowed to give them space and voice ? exclusively.
Thus Indian Science Journal was conceived as a digital journal devoted exclusively for news from the field of science, technology, research in agriculture and healthcare.
The next step was to register its domain and fortunately, I could get it on all domain registries. The third was to formulate a logo. Though initially I had taken the help of a professional friend to create a logo for me, I settled down for the one created by my amateurish hand. Thus with seven diametric blocks, I created the logo using a trial version of a design software.
The colour of the logo ? ISJ, as abbreviation of the title -- was in green and blue. Green to denote nature, fertility and life; it symbolizes self-respect and well-being; it also means learning, growth and harmony. Blue means depth like ocean and sky; it is also the colour of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. The blocks denote finality of the subjects.
It was to the ceaseless spirit of my young friend Yatin Sharma credit for the website should go. He took it upon himself to craft it as visualized by me with the involvement of his contact Uttam Rawat. And in a record one month, they put my dream on the net.
It is now a mission to put my dream in the orbit and beam to its beneficiaries. A baby step now, because I realize the immense responsibility as purveyor of news ? news about the pulse of life, animate and inanimate, human and plants and my passion is to put it factually, originally and uncompromising credibility will be the benchmark of Indian Science Journal (ISJ). (NB Nair)

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