CSIR planning to rebuff charges of Indian-born US scientist Shiva Ayyadurai

CSIR HQrsNew Delhi (ISJ ? Exclusive) ? India?s Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, says it will respond to charges of Indian-born US system biologist Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai that apex industrial R&D organisation has drifted from its mandate to create technology for the Indian masses.

In an e-mail response, the new Director General of CSIR Dr. Girish Sahni said though a lot needs to be done, the organisation?s contributions to the national cause could not be underplayed.

?We welcome the chance to present our side of the picture. While I agree that a lot needs to be done, we would appraise you soon, within a week, of CSIR's great contributions to the national cause,? wrote Dr. Sahni. ?I can vouch for its pride in serving the nation as no other scientific R and D organisation has.?

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, who was appointed as the first Outstanding Scientist Technologist of Indian Origin (STIO) by then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to unleash innovation across nearly 40 laboratories of the CSIR, was shown the door in five months.�

Shiva Ayyadurai 1808His mandate was to set up a commercial arm ? CSIR TECH ? ?to deliver an organisational structure to the CSIR scientists to commercialising their invention for the betterment of the society and economy?. It was expected to serve as an organisation to ?systematically and professionally convert technology into products and also creates companies (as necessary) with sophisticated proven entrepreneurial teams that can sell and service those products.?

However, then Director General of CSIR Samir Brahmachari terminated the contract of Dr. Ayyadurai as he was a ?financial mismatch?. Ayyadurai had complained to then Prime Minister about Dr. Brahmachari before he was sacked.

?I seek your urgent interventions to redress the actions of DG:CSIR. He is attempting to remove me as the first Outstanding Scientist Technologist of Indian Origin (STIO/H) as a reaction to my addressing well-known intrinsic leadership issues during the course of my professional duties?.?

Dr. Ayyadurai was critical of Dr Brahmachari. In an exclusive interview to Indian Science Journal, during a recent visit to New Delhi, he alleged (i) CSIR has drifted from its mandate to create technology for the Indian masses, (ii) devolved into an organisation of feudal in structure and (iii) in the last 70 years, CSIR has failed to generate revenue, which currently is just Rs. 10 lakhs a year, a paltry figure for a successful organisation with a human resource strength of about 4,500.

Union Science and Technology Minister Dr. Harsh Vadhan has also been critical of scientific establishment in the country for its inability to produce any cutting-edge invention and lack of lab-to-people linkage.

?Science and research and publications under patents, they probably have not much of a meaning. They can give you great pleasure, but unless we can connect them to people, I feel this is the time when we need to have a re-look at everything,? said Dr. Harsh Vardhan at the National Science Day function in New Delhi in May this year.�

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