India lacks scientific literature in regional languages: DRDO chief

India lacks scientific literature in regional languages: DRDO chief

New Delhi (ISJ): "Ancient India had been fully evolved in the fields of science and technology, mathematics and medical science, with Aryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya, Charak developing advanced treatise in their respective fields. But with passage of time, India lost all its knowledge-base. Today, while the world has progressed at a rapid pace due to developments in science & technology, the people in the third world are still deprived of its benefits,"

lamented Scientific Advisor to Defence Minister and Chief of Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) Avinash Chander. Chander was speaking at an international conference on "Contribution of Science and Technology in the Progress of the World".

About 1000 scientists from 20 countries are attending the three-day conference organised under the aegis of DRDO. Interestingly 604 research papers and articles are listed for presentation at the conference, all originally written in Hindi. These include research papers on defence, science communication, medical science and healthcare, contemporary scientific research, etc.

Chander said, this in itself is a record. He said in order to take the fruits of science and technology to the common people, it is important to make available science literature in Hindi and other vernacular languages of the country.
Opening the conference, Official Languages Secretary Arun Kumar Jain said, the large number of original research papers being presented during the course of the conference dismisses the premise that scientific topics can only be written and communicated in English.

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