India to update national health sector data by next year: Harsh Vardhan

NHP 2013New Delhi (ISJ) ? Of every rupee spent in health sector in India, about 27 paise comes from public exchequer, while the rest is spent by private sector. The National Health Profile ? 2013 released in New Delhi on Thursday (July 17) says while public health expenditure in 2008-09 was Rs. 58,681 crores, it was Rs. 157,393 by private sector.

Among states, Gujarat has the highest spending in health sector during 2012-13 with Rs. 3,060 crores. The other top spenders are Uttar Pradesh (Rs. 2,338 crores), Delhi (Rs. 2,124 crores) and Maharashtra (Rs. 2,102 crores).

Amongst the diseases, non-communicable diseases account for a large share of disease burden in India. By 2015, the number of cases of heart diseases is expected to be nearly 6.1 crores, followed by diabetes (4.6 crores). Incidence of cancer is also on the rise with a projection of 11.49 cases by 2015.

While the incidence of Malaria has declined in the country, Odisha recorded the maximum number of cases (216,568 in 2013). On the other hand the maximum number of deaths due to Malaria was in Maharashtra (70 in 2013) out of the national figure of 359. The highest number of cases of Chikungunya Fever was reported from Karnataka (5,259), followed by undivided Andhra Pradesh (4,827), while Swine Flu (H1N1) took a toll of 699 people during 2013. Gujarat recorded the highest number of deaths due to Swine Flu (196), followed by Rajasthan (165) and Maharashtra (149).

The data however is flawed, as it relates largely only to public health facilities, while a large number of cases reported at private facilities, which constitute majority in the health sector has been left out. Secondly, even the data compiled from public health facilities are outdated and as old as 2005-06.

Releasing the National Health Profile, Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan asked the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence to compile uptodate data on the health sector by next year. He said, India will collaborate with the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention to set up a similar surveillance facility in the country.

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