Indian scientists discover new drug for depression and anxiety

Indian scientists discover new drug for depression and anxiety

Hyderabad (India Science Wire) - Indian scientists have found a new compound that can be a potential drug to treat several central nervous system disorders. The new compound named ?2-oxa-spiro 5.4 decane3?, acts specifically on nerve cells and also inhibits their inflammation. It has shown potent anti-depression and anti-anxiety activity in various animal models.

It is the result of a joint effort of Hyderabad-based Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Hyderabad, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology and Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research in Chennai.

Psychological disorders that affect mood, emotion, and cognition are a rising global health concern. These include depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, dementia, Alzheimer?s and cerebral ischemic stroke.

?It has the potential to be developed as a versatile therapeutic molecule for stroke, depression, and possibly other neuropsychiatric disorders characterised with compromised neurotrophic and/or neurogenic activity and concurrent neuroinflammation,? claimed the scientists in their study, published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The compound has been found to be non-toxic and more effective than commonly used anti-depressant, fluoxetine. It enhanced social interaction in animal tests.

India has an estimated burden of 30 million people with neurological disorders, excluding neuroinfections and traumatic injuries, according to an epidemiological study in 2014. The study found, higher rates of prevalence of neurological disorders in rural areas with epilepsy and stroke.

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