Modi government invites overseas Indian scientists for top scientific jobs (2)

Modi government invites overseas Indian scientists for top scientific jobs  (2)

Jitendra SinghNew Delhi (ISJ) ? Indian government has invited several scientists settled abroad to return and head certain scientific departments, which are headless. Minister of State for Science and Technology Dr. Jitendra Singh said, the government is trying to be more inclusive and therefore wanted to expand the choice of candidates from a limited pool, who usually corner the top jobs.

Currently, the Department of Science and Technology and Council for Department of Scientific and Industrial Research do not have full-time heads. Prof. Vijay Raghavan, Secretary in the Department of Biotechnology is holding additional charge of both these departments.

"We have tried to invite resume for all these appointments from a wide range of scientists, some of them were never around the corridors of this ministry," said Dr. Jitendra Singh, addressing mediapersons on completion of 100 days of the government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said, there is a mechanism for selection of heads of scientific departments and no malafide should be read into the delay in appointment of incumbents to these posts.

"We would give the kind of work environment that they receive there and looking for which they left the country," promised the minister.

Dr. Jitendra Singh revealed some 15-18 non-resident Indian scientists have evinced interest in taking up positions in India. He said, some of them had left the country for 'various reasons other than science.'

The Minister said, several scientists he met had expressed reservations about returning to India for any policy change later would leave them in quandary. Those scientists have offered to work on ?fellowships? in Indian scientific institutions for a period of six months and later coordinate collaborative research with their parent organisations abroad and Indian scientific institutions.

--N B Nair

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