Inspired Minds of India

Inspired Minds of India

Science in India has its foundation from an undated past, though the western scientific community might contest it. Several modern scientists towards the end of 19th Century onwards further enriched the country's scientific prowess and took it to new heights - Shankar Purushottam Agharkar, M.K. Vainu Bappu, Homi Bhabha, SS Bhatnagar to JagdishChandra Bose, CV Raman, Dr Abdul Kalam, Meghnad Saha, Vikram Sarabhai, Y. Subbarow. Though a lot has been written about their research, there is not much about the defining moments in the lives of those scientists that changed the course of their path.

No effort was made in the past to put together such information to bring a spark in the mind of young scientists in India or those inclined to pursue science passionately.
Imagine India's Nobel Laureate C.V. Raman didn't want to take any girls in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, which he headed. But Kamla Sohonie, a biochemist and the first Indian woman to earn a PhD in any field of science was told by Raman.
Her choice was IISc. Perhaps her father's association with the institute played a role and she wanted to walk in his footsteps. Or perhaps not. IISc had obvious attractions for the scientifically inclined. It had the famous Nobel Laureate Sir C.V. Raman at its helm. Imagine her shock therefore; when Raman summarily dismissed her application with the words, "I am not going to take any girls in my institute." Few girls in 1933 would have had the gumption to challenge such bias and that too of an icon like Raman.
Vigyan Prasar, an autonomous arm of Department of Science and Technology has brought out a compilation of 54 Indian scientists 'whose achievements laid the foundation for robust growth and development of science and technology' in the country.
Fifty four scientists and technologists in several spheres beautified the landscape of science and technology centred development in our country. They personified excellence along with dedication and wisdom that are invaluable. These values are also timeless because they can evolve further with appropriate adaptation over time. Knowledge was transformed into economic benefits along with newer thrusts of learning.
Indian Science Journal is joining hands with Vigyan Prasar to take the message further to every possible worshipper of science. ISJ would feature all the 54 scientists from the book "Indian Scientists – The Saga of Inspired Minds" in the weeks to follow, with permission from Vigyan Prasar. We hope the anecdotes from these scientists, written by well-known science communicators, will inspire young minds aspiring to grow as scientists and technologists. Undoubtedly it is a good read even for a scientifically inclined book-lover.

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