PM sets CSIR?s post-75 agenda - time-bound delivery, technology for masses

PM sets CSIR?s post-75 agenda - time-bound delivery, technology for masses

New Delhi (ISJ) ? Science and Technology Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan could not ask for more. Welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of Council for Scientific and Industrial Resarch, CSIR, Dr. Harsh Vardhan entreated him to leave the problems-solving to scientists. Later in his address to a huge gathering of scientific community, Modi set the agenda for the 75-year-old CSIR to shift to time-bound mode to turn around its technologies to commercial exploitation for the benefit of masses.

Modi asked scientists to develop a suitable battery for mobile phones, which longs last and doesn?t burst. He wanted leather technologists of CSIR?s Chennai-based leather technology lab to develop shoes for specific needs of sportspersons of different hues. He also wanted CSIR to mentor start-up entrepreneurs and asked scientists to become role models for students and youth.

?Why can?t our labs become a place of attraction to young children? If our laboratories are throw open to students and youth on Saturdays and Sundays and scientists peer them to their world, India?s destiny will change,? said Modi.

Modi lamented, there is no harmony between innovation and its end-user. ?The benefits of innovations do not reach the masses because innovations are not modified according to the needs of masses,? he said. Modi wanted scientists to interact with end-users at every stage, to fine-tune his or her innovation and to maximise its benefit.

He has asked CSIR labs to develop low-cost diagnostic kits that could help health workers to diagnose diseases and provide immediate medical aid in villages and far-flung areas.

?When medical science has become technology-driven, it is a big opportunity for CSIR. Not only medicines, these kits should be given to ASHA health workers, who can immediately diagnose any diseases or even epidemics.?

Giving a slogan ?inch of land, bunch of crop,? Modi said scientists should look for genetic intervention to increase the protein content in pulses, besides increasing output. He said, India has a huge readymade market for its farm produces in the Gulf countries.

?Scientists should develop focussed, targeted varieties of farm species, so that we could meet the requirement of an assured market. These farm produces should meet international quality and affordably priced to take on competition.?

Another thrust area suggested by Prime Minister to scientists is waste management. Modi wanted development of suitable technology to turn waste into wealth creation.

?There is no rocket science in it. The more technology intervention in waste to wealth creation, the faster we could bring cleanliness. Cleanliness itself will reduce health problems. If we could get rid of the waste, water will be cleaner, and through that several diseases would disappear,? he said. ?There is technology elsewhere, but you should attempt to develop affordable technology.?

The Prime Minister also released seven high-yielding medicinal and aromatic plants developed by CSIR laboratories. These varieties were handed over to farmers in different regions and Modi interacted with them through video-conferencing. The new varieties are turmeric, khus, Rose-scented geranium, aromatic grass Citronella, Lemongrass, flowering plant lily and ornamental flower plant Gerbera.

Image courtesy: PIB

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