Young scientists at work

Young scientists at work

New Delhi (ISJ): At a time when electricity is a luxury and water scarce, India?s rural folks can never dream of an automated washing machine. But Ayaz Ahamad, a school student from eastern Jharkhand has come up with a simple solution ? a pedal-powered washing machine. It consumes no electricity and requires no running water. The ingenious, low-cost washing machine is designed around readily available spares.

?Its innovation is it?s simple design and is made of inexpensive iron sheet barrels, bicycle components and is reliable and uses no electricity,? said Ahamad

The design resembles a commercially available horizontal axis washer. The inner drum, which holds the clothes, is made of a metal steel tub. The perforated inner drum helps the spinning drum to extract water from the garments. There is an outer barrel surrounding the inner barrel and contains all the water. The loading and unloading of clothes is easy and the soapy water can be drained and cloths rinsed by opening a drain valve at the bottom of the barrel. Ahamad also suggested that if a dynamo is fixed near the chain holder, it can also generate electricity, sufficient to light a bulb.
Alwin Kuriakose?s innovation is a high-tech parking system. Alwin, who hails from Kerala, knows well space crunch to park personal vehicles in towns and cities in the state. Alwin?s automatic parking system would alleviate the problem to the extent to make parking more efficient and accurate.
?Not only can you park your vehicles accurately with no security staff, the systematic and full proof arrangement can be implemented without any error,? said Kuriakose.
The high-tech parking is controlled by sensing the number of vehicles in the parking lot. This system can also be used to take census of vehicles passing along cities, towns or highways. Alwin transformed his ideas into commands which were transferred to an IC Chip, the brain of the instrument. During disasters, it can be used to find out the exact number of vehicles at parking lots, estimate the number of people trapped and organise rescue operations effectively.
Ayaz and Alwin are among the 900 students from across the country show-casing their talents. They were selected to study science and pursue a career in research under the project 'Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspire Research' INSPIRE).
The primary objective of INSPIRE is to communicate to the youth of the country the excitement of creative pursuit of science, attract talent to the study of science at an early age and thus build the required critical human resource pool for strengthening and expanding the science and technology system and R&D base. The programme was launched by the Prime Minister on December 13, 2008.
The national-level exhibition and project competition was opened by former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
Kalam asked the participants to give emphasis to be ?Unique?. "Every youth wants to be unique, when the world is trying to make you like everybody else,? he said. "In Science, nothing is impossible, so if you think you have a problem, instead of panicking, become captain of the problem and defeat it," he said.

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